Please enjoy my lecture ‘Reflections on Churchill and Islam’

This lecture, given at the Faith in Politics Conference explores the relationship of the British Empire with the Islamic World using Winston Churchill as a case study.

Now Avaliable: Winston Churchill (I.B. Tauris).and the Islamic World: Orientalism, Empire and Diplomacy in the Middle East

“An enlightening and original account of an important and neglected aspect of Churchill’s strategic and political world-view. It forces us to rethink what we know about the origins of the modern Middle East. Essential reading for Churchill scholars and general readers alike.” -Richard Toye, author of Churchill’s Empire and The Roar of the Lion, Professor of Modern History,University of Exeter

“Warren Dockter has written the first comprehensive account of Churchill’s lifelong and many-sided engagement with the Muslim world. Combining meticulous research with insight and imagination, he restores to its rightful place a theme of crucial importance for the assessment of the great man’s character and career.” Paul Addison, author of Churchill: The Unexpected Hero, Honorary Fellow, University of Edinburgh



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5 Things you didn’t know about Winston Churchill and the Islamic World

1.  Churchill regularly played polo with Indian Muslims and Sheiks while he was a soldier.

When Churchill was stationed in India as a subaltern in 1896, he, like most British cavalry officers, was an avid polo […]

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Churchill and Islam: Surprising Facts about Churchill and the Islamic World

My last blog entry explored why Churchill’s oft quoted excerpt from the River War is as inaccurate example of his larger relationship with the Islamic World.  Which surely begs the question what were his reflections […]

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Churchill and Islam: Why Churchill’s infamous quote from the River War is an inaccurate example of his view of the Islamic World

Winston Churchill’s most famous reflection on Islam comes from his book The River War (1899), which chronicled his time in Egypt and Sudan. The following passage is especially damning of Islam and has been used […]

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